Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to AJ Black, Wellthie’s Director of Sales. AJ has been with Wellthie for over one year, focusing on broker and General Agency relationships on the East Coast. AJ – an Atlanta native and proud graduate / lifelong fan of THE Ohio State University – chatted with us to share his take on the industry’s outlook, trends, and top-performing brokers.

Tell us about yourself, AJ.

Hi! I’m a 20+ year veteran of the benefits industry. That includes being a wholesaler, broker, and an insurtech sales leader. I’m a self-admitted insurance-dork, but what can I say – I love it!


Youve spent a lot of time in the insurance industry. What trends today are shaping the future of insurance?
Aside from what is happening in Washington? Just kidding. The rise in insurtech is an unprecedented change not just for the insurance industry, but for the way health care is distributed. Brokers and agents that adopt technology will be the winners.

What can brokers do to stay on top of these trends?

Great brokers are always asking the question “What’s next?” so it’s vital that every broker stay informed. Trade magazines like EBN are always helpful. Our partner, Elevate Benefits, is also a great resource. In the blogosphere, Benefits Pro and Insurance Thought Leadership is regularly publishing great pieces.

What are some tips and tricks of the most successful brokers youve worked with?

The common denominator amongst successful brokers is their ability to work efficiently. Whether that means having the right team members to delegate important tasks, or embracing technology, it allows them to attract and retain clients to continue to grow.

How would you describe the broker of the future?

Brokers of the future are the first to acknowledge that change is happening fast in the industry. These brokers see technology not as a threat – but as an ally – and use it to work smarter and more profitably every day.

If you had to give one piece of advice to brokers that want to become a broker of the future, what would you say?

Technology is completely changing the way insurance is distributed. The fact is, technology has to be embraced for an agent to become a true broker of the future. As a former broker myself, I know it can be overwhelming sorting through the numerous technology offerings on the market today. When looking for these partners, it’s important to find a team of insurance leaders that understand the world and pain points you’re living in. With the right team, you’ll find that most of your pain points can be addressed with the help of a few simple-to-use tools.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more meet-and-greets with the Wellthie team!

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