Here’s Exactly What Health Insurance Shoppers Are Looking For

Shopping has become an integral part of holiday season traditions. With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and now health insurance has contributed an additional shopping experience into the mix: open enrollment. But unlike the holiday retail traditions, health insurance open enrollment is becoming a constant source of stress for many. While the retail industry is capitalizing on consumer demands by serving deals and engaging experiences on a holiday platter, consumers are far from greeting open enrollment with the same enthusiasm.

Right now, millions of consumers are shopping, switching, and enrolling in a new health plan. Each year we prepare for open enrollment and each year consumers report their frustrations with the process. Some feel like they start from scratch each year finding it to be overwhelming, while others voiced their frustrations to us about the experience itself: “I had a hard time actually finding out if I had insurance and finding out what I qualify for,” responded one consumer. Another added, “there were a lot of procedures I had to go through.” What would it take to ease these frustrations and answer to the needs and wants of the consumer?

We went ahead and asked. Take a look at what they said:


Many aren’t engaged in the process, finding that health insurance lacks the excitement, anticipation and satisfaction that other retail experiences bring: “I wish health insurance was something that was more exciting to buy. Anywhere that you are spending your money you want it to be something you’re happy to use it on,” one video respondent pointed out. Beyond user experience, the amount of steps and health literacy gaps make shopping for health insurance extremely overwhelming.

This is where digital steps in: Consumers are more than comfortable with the idea of shopping online for their health plan. Even during the first open enrollment period, the vast majority of the previously uninsured enrolled in a health plan online. But user experience must go beyond online enrollment. Consumers want an engaging and simplified experience and believe technology and design can provide that.

Wellthie’s Affordable Care Advisor, a white labeled e-commerce platform, is the solution for health plans looking to be ahead of the curve. By designing a platform with the consumer in mind, we have answered their needs and wants for your plan. We walk all consumers, including small groups, commercially insured, Medicare, Medicaid, and Dually Eligible individuals through your products and options before they enroll. Our single, holistic experience uses an intuitive design and tools for consumer engagement, including health insurance literacy education and customer support. Through personalization, analytics and email follow-ups, we optimize conversion from shoppers to paid members. Finally, a solution allowing health plans to compete on Cyber Monday and beyond.

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