Infographic: The Unmet Needs of Small Businesses

With the expansion of the employer mandate this year, more businesses are offering coverage. But for the market segment of businesses with 50 employees or less not included in the mandate, the rate of adopting health insurance has not changed dramatically over this time period. These small businesses refrained from offering coverage in the past and today they remain concerned about the rising costs of health care to their business. Despite this fact, most of these small businesses want to offer coverage- they just need help finding an affordable option. So how can you help a business who can’t afford to buy group coverage, but still cares about the welfare of their employees?


A recent Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey showed that 74% of small business surveyed used brokers to guide their health insurance decisions. Small businesses who currently don’t offer group insurance is an untapped market opportunity for brokers. These businesses need guidance and assistance to solve their cost conundrum. Wellthie offers the tools to advise and find the most affordable solution.

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