Transform your site into a powerful shopping experience.

The Affordable Care Advisor lets you sell one-to-one to people who expect the world in a few clicks. Our end-to-end platform is the only one you need to provide a superior consumer experience and make getting covered simpler for everyone.

We offer a cloud-based, turnkey solution that scales seamlessly to peak volumes and is customizable to fit your brand and precise needs. We can implement the Affordable Care Advisor quickly and smoothly, allowing you to maintain your focus on your products and customers.

The value Wellthie brings to health plans and brokers goes beyond technology: we are also your strategic marketing partner. Only Wellthie uses advanced analytics to help you identify potential customers and create an actionable plan to pursue them.

Wellthie’s Affordable Care Advisor


Showcase and sell your health plans


Enroll from your website or directly to


Understand what consumers need

The Affordable Care Advisor for Individuals

Consumers (or brokers) can:

    • Assess eligibility and shop for Qualified Health Plans, Medicare Advantage, Child Health Insurance Program and Medicaid
    • See a personalized, bottom line cost estimate – including tax credits and penalties
    • Confidently compare and choose among the plan options
    • Enroll directly on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace ( or on the health plan’s website
    • Renew their plan simply and easily with one click
    • Access the platform anytime, anywhere via mobile, tablet, or kiosk on their own or with assistance from an agent

To learn more about the opportunity for health plans to boost enrollment, drive loyalty, and retain members, read Wellthie’s white paper Consumers’ Needs and Wants in the Digital Age: Opportunities for Health Plans.

The Affordable Care Advisor for Businesses

Small business owners (or brokers) can:

  • Simultaneously quote small group and individual product options
  • See eligibility for small business tax credits
  • Identify small group members eligible for individual tax credits, Medicaid, or Medicare
  • Adjust the contribution strategy and plan for hiring changes
  • Get a breakdown of monthly and yearly costs for employer and employees
  • Effectively communicate with employees with email templates
  • Make a confident decision and then enroll in the Small group or individual plan(s) that best meet their needs

To learn more about the opportunity for small group employers maximize membership and margins, read Wellthie’s white paper Group to Individual Trend – How Health Plans Can Optimize Retention.

80% of people who didn’t enroll in a health plan thought they couldn’t afford it. Wellthie alerts users whenever they may be eligible for financial assistance.
84% of Americans have low health literacy. Wellthie make complicated ideas and concepts easy to understand.
87% of people want tools to help project expenses and select coverage. Wellthie provides these tools, branded for your organization.
78% of small group businesses are considering alternatives to offering employer coverage.

Engage with your consumers on their terms.

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